How do you gid rid of gnats on inside basil plant?

Answer A simple insecticidal soap will get rid of the fungus gnats without harming the basil. Pour 1 1/2 tbsp. of liquid castile soap, 1 qt. of water, and 3 drops of vegetable oil in a spray bottle. The l... Read More »

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How to Remove Pesky Gnats from an Indoor Basil Plant?

Just because you grow your herbs indoors doesn't mean they are protected from pesky insects. Basil plants grown indoors can be infested with fungus gnats. Although fungus gnats pose no harm to huma... Read More »

Indoor Plant Gnats?

Fungus gnats can be a troublesome indoor garden pest. Adult gnats are an annoyance as they fly around the home, and their soil-borne larvae damage plant roots. Does this Spark an idea?

Plant Problems With Gnats?

Fungus gnats infest plant soil and lay eggs. When eggs hatch, their larvae eat the plant's root system and other organic matter in soil, according to the University of California. Typically, garden... Read More »

The Natural Way to Get Rid of Plant Gnats?

Commonly known as fungus gnats, plant gnats are small, nonbiting flies that thrive in decaying organic matter, such as mulch, compost and glass clippings. Plant gnats are also attracted to moist po... Read More »