How do you get your sister to stop being so bothersome?

Answer You don't - you get yourself to be more patient A sound proof room and multiple padlocks alternatively, you could always shoot her with a tank-launcher-launcher☻ Answer There is also the poss... Read More »

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I am constantly missing clothes and months later they show up in my little sister's room I am not sure how to confront her and tell her to stop taking them because I know if I address it she wont stop?

Be patient with your little sister. I take it you are the older sister, so did it ever occur to you that you are her mentor and she just wants to grow up and be like you. Just ignore the missing cl... Read More »

Cortizone is bothersome help!!?

are you sure the stinger is fully out? also, wasp stings can swell up and be painful for a long time. Cortisone cream is helpful, I also have used benadril orally to get the enzyme under control,... Read More »

How do you get your sister to stop being mean to you?

If there is a bad thing your sister has done just tell your mom or dad, which ever one is the most strict!- - - -Have a serious discussion with her and let her know how you feel. And if that doesn'... Read More »

How to Stop Your Little Sister from Annoying You?

Do you have a sister that is really annoying and won't stop bugging you? Read this article and that really might start to change.