How do you get your mean sisters to leave you alone?

Answer Well it would depend on how old but if you tell your parents that might not work. Or if you ignore them they would have no interest in being mean.

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What should i do for a guy to leave me alone without being mean to him?

if you have already asked him to leave you alone and he hasn't he isn't going to. you have to get mean. if it is real bad go to court and get a restraining order

How do you get your family to leave you alone?

How to Get Your Parents to Leave You Home Alone?

Your parents won't leave you alone. They definitely won't leave you home alone! This article will help you with just that.

Can you leave your child alone at home?

not if youre kids are under 12 i think it is, if they arnt the policewill take you down sister from another mister.