How do you get your ipod touch screen to work?

Answer When I got my ipod touch screen the first thing I did (common sense) is to charge it. After I charged my ipod touch I noticed that it had a picture saying to connect it to itunes, so I connected it... Read More »

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What do you do if the applications on an ipod touch don't work you touch the app it goes to the app screen as if it were loading and then it goes back to the home screen.?

OK. So first.... yoou probably have jailbroken your ipod touch/iphone. I know how it feels... It happened to me before too. But anyhow, the only way to make it work is to go to itunes and restore y... Read More »

I spilled tea on my ipod touch and dropped it the speakers don't work the screen is cracked and it keeps turning on and off what do i do?

Can you switch out ipod touch lcd screen with a iphone 3g lcd screen?

Well, I think you can. It depends what your doing, like intallation.

My Ipod touch has a blank white screen and nothing identifies it and the day it started i pulled the ipod out and it was hot what should i do?

Okay, this is what you do. Hold down the middle button (home button), the power button, and the volume DOWN button (make SURE that it's not the Up one. It won't do anything, but it won't fix your ... Read More »