How do you get your earphones work?

Answer Donnis- gone

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Which of these two earphones are better to work out with which other earphones are shpuld i get?

AKG's are good and most are black and gold

How do earphones work?

Well, earphones work almost anywhere, so i would say they work by the built-in speakers they have in the earphones. They work on a Mac or a PC. They work on phones, I pods, I pads, and kindles, and... Read More »

My earphones only work in one ear?

This happened to me too!!! Sorry buy I think it's broken forever. I just stopped using them because eventually the other earbud went out and they stopped working completely. Maybe you could go to t... Read More »

My earphones don't work on my computer?

i had this same exact problem,except they worked on my ipod and phone,but not on my laptop...basically the type of headphones u are using are probablly not long enough to fit into the audio jack on... Read More »