How do you get your children to stop hitting in school?

Answer AnswerWell, if the school hasn't done it already, keep them home for a while, like a week, if possible and take all privileges away from them. I don't know the age but whatever is important to them... Read More »

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School Bus Stop Safety for Children & Drivers?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that every year seven students on average are killed in school bus accidents, while 19 (mostly young children) are killed at the b... Read More »

Hitting and yelling at children?

I am another girl who absolutely hates hitting and yelling at kids nothing a child does is that bad to deserve that sort of treatment . If they have done sumthing wrong you just tell them no and ex... Read More »

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We all know the type – you’ve told him you’re not interested but he’s just not giving up. He keeps insisting you go for a drink ‘just as friends’. Yeah, because thatâ... Read More »