How do you get your children to stop hitting in school?

Answer AnswerWell, if the school hasn't done it already, keep them home for a while, like a week, if possible and take all privileges away from them. I don't know the age but whatever is important to them... Read More »

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How to Get a Friend to Stop Hitting on Your Date?

So many guys/girls in the world have significant others that their supposed best friends keep hitting on. It's difficult to know how to get them to back off without hurting your friendship. Here ar... Read More »

What should you do to stop your ex-husband from hitting your son?

How to Get Your Friend to Stop Hitting on Your Boyfriend or Crush?

It can be tough when one of your friends hits on your boyfriend or your crush, especially when she knows the situation.

How can you stop your younger brothers from hitting each other?

Set them apart and talk them through right's and wrong's. Well, it depends how old they are. Explain to them why hitting is wrong. Trust me grew up with ALOT of siblings.