How do you get your brothers to stop being mean?

Answer If your the only girl in the house you have to learn how to fight if you want to face your brothers. Take karate or boxing when they see that your just as tough as them they'll stop for sure!

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How do you get your big brothers to stop bothering you?

What ways are to stop annoying brothers?

walk around the house singing really loud and bad, dont stop

How can you make brothers stop hitting?

Spank them both until they stop or cut allowances or ban them from Playstaton or computer games for a week (that's a bit harsh so save it till they do something really bad)

How can you stop your younger brothers from hitting each other?

Set them apart and talk them through right's and wrong's. Well, it depends how old they are. Explain to them why hitting is wrong. Trust me grew up with ALOT of siblings.