How do you get your brother to stop being perverted?

Answer Is it to you!?? If yes than get a doctor.. if not than i have a brother and there is no way.. sadly

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How do you make your brother's girlfriend to stop sleeping on your bed and eating your food if you already told your brother?

Well honestly, you just need to tell her to get the heck out of your bed. That's not cool. She should sleep in your brother's bed or on the couch! feed her moldy food, or something equally as repu... Read More »

My brother won't stop changing my linux computer password, how to stop?

What disto are we talking about? What password as we talking about? The Admin password? A user password? Your email password? ???You should have used full disk encryption when or before you install... Read More »

How do you get a brother to stop being mean?

well in the book you train boys how you train dogs so try that

How to Be Less Perverted?

You have a problem with abnormal sexual desires? The majority of people experience problems with living out their sexuality for many different reasons. The term "perversion" is very subjective and ... Read More »