How do you get your big brothers to stop bothering you?

Answer yell at them and slap his face

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How to Make a Guy Stop Bothering You?

A guy or man is bothering you when going out. You can't seem to shake him. What do you do? Blow him off!

How to Tell Your Sister to Stop Bothering You?

We all love our sisters most of the time. But sometimes they behave in a way we're not used to, such as when they follow you, tease you, or just annoy you (either on purpose or not) and it bothers ... Read More »

How to Stop Complaining and Start Fixing What's Bothering You?

First of all, it's great that you admit there IS something bothering you. That's really one of the hardest parts.

Is it ok for u ask a person to stop smokeing while u are eating dinner and the smoke is bothering u ?

Is the person at your table? If yes, then sure, ask them to hold off a few minutes. If not, then no. If you are in a smoking section or smoking restaurant, then you have deal with it or leave. ... Read More »