How do you get your android from 3g to 4g?

Answer It is alerts for your phone. All you have to do is tap and drag down with your finger, mine has mostly been weather alerts but i'm sure there are others too.

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Can you download android 2.2 to your computer and install it on your phone from there?

google Google created the Android platform and it is (OSS) open source software so technically we all own it.

How do you sync your contacts from facebook onto your android phone?

You cant, its a symbian OS, which is worse than the Apple OS!

Why am I getting an install error unknown reason 18 on your apps from the android market on your mytouch 4g?

Not sure why its happening, however if you go into settings to applications to manage applications then go to the market, click it then clear the cache you should be good to go...

Can You Put e-books From Your Computer on Your Android?

Android powered devices like mobile phones and tablets are a portable way to take e-books with you on the go. The electronic aspect of e-books allows you to move them effortlessly over the Internet... Read More »