How do you get wireless on your iPhone?

Answer Assuming you are talking about a wireless network connection, just go to Settings and press the Wi-Fi switch so that it is activated.

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How do you configure your iPhone 4 to only work with the wireless services of a single wireless service provider?

she has a i-phone 4, because i-phone 5 is impossible its a new phone

What is the song played in the commercial for the wireless iPhone charger where the iPhone has butterfly wings on it?

What is A wireless service plan with a carrier that provides iPhone service in your area and do i need it for my iphone to work?

Does the iphone 4 have wireless tethering?

In a recent update I think iOS 4.3 they added Personal Hotspots which allows you to stream internet data over Wi-Fi so others can use your internet data, many networks will charge you around £5 a ... Read More »