How do you get water out of your ears, after a shower or swimming?

Answer Use peroxide to clean out the wax in your ears

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How do u get the water ut of your ear after you go swimming?

Make sure that there is water in your ears. This can easily be checked by slightly tapping your temple with your wrist. You will feel very uneasy if water is stagnant in your ears. Lie down on your... Read More »

How do you get water out of your ear after swimming?

if its not gone by tommorow go to cvs or walgreens. they have products to get water out of your ear. one is an aspirator, you fill it with water and squirt it in your ear, it comes out along with ... Read More »

After taking a shower, do you wipe the water off the shower walls?

I also use a squeegee. It is so fast and prevents soap scum and mold from growing. It also prevents you from using a lot of chemicals to clean it later on.

Is a salt water swimming pool or an ozone swimming pool healthier if your dog drinks the water?

AnswerI suspect that you're asking if it's better to have a chlorinated pool..the chlorine being produced by a generator producing chlorine from salt..or a pool without chlorine, that is sanitized ... Read More »