HOw to unbanned from youtube?

Answer change your e-mail address and create a new account with the new e-mail.

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How to get my IP unbanned from 4chan?

Since it's a permanent ban, I'm pretty sure you can appeal it. Also, try doing the router trick, or use another proxy.

How to get unbanned from a forum I was recently banned from?

No, there is no such program that can do that. It's really up to the administrators of that forum if you're banned or unbanned. You can try conta ting the admin and try to make an appeal.You can al... Read More »

How to Become Unbanned From a Site?

Being banned on a website is a tough situation. Moderators often overreact to users who didn't mean to send the wrong message. The most commonly misinterpreted activity is spam. Reaching out to the... Read More »

How can I get unbanned from uploading Facebook videos?

you can request an appeal and can write or mention that you will not upload any videos and all to convince them