Why are you so aroused during pregnancy?

Answer It's to do with the pregnancy hormones. Especially during the second trimester, they can make women feel very aroused

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What happens to girls when they get aroused?

when i get aroused i get a little light headed, hot, and my vagina contracts and gets weti also get thirsty and butterflies in my stomachthough this is a rare occurence since im rarely aroused mayb... Read More »

How do you stop getting sexually aroused at work...?

Its me 'ormones Nick, me bleeding 'ormones.

How do I stop myself from getting aroused while listening to this song?

Paul fantasizing about George? Talk about a scandal! jkI know the part you're talking about! I don't have the same reaction, it just sounds like someone weeping to me. Try listening to the Living i... Read More »

I get physically aroused when my dentist puts that little vacuum in my mouth. Where can I buy one of those?

heya gorgeous!!Here ya go and hope you get aroused to your utmost satisfaction!! =)