How do you get this type of video effect?

Answer It's actually a relatively easy/complicated process (depending on how it's shot). Generally, that effect is achieved by shooting a plate (the background) which can be treated. Then the foreground... Read More »

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What video editing software provides this kind of effect in this YouTube Video?

The intro of the video is a professional job. It's an animated 3D title with spotlights. You could do this with high-end effects software - like Adobe After Effects. Sony Vegas Pro also has 3D a... Read More »

What type of video camera is this?

Instruction Manual for Canon Still Video I found this video camera and want to get an instruction manual to find out how to work it and what type of batteries and disk it uses.?

Information for a Canon Video Camera it's an RC 570 what type of batteries and what type of video cassette disk it uses and what manual do I ask for?

Canon T1i Camera's Shipping Weight is Seven pound.Canon T1