How do you get the tumblr unfolower tracker / counter on chrome help please?

Answer there's one that a lot of people use, and I find it really good. shows you new people who followed you, who unfollowed you recently, and people who don't fol... Read More »

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Some tumblr help please :)?

gonna have to block or tell herface the facts

Please help me figure out Tumblr?

to message someone you can either go on their blog and look for a link that might say"msg" or "message" or "ask" or "ask me anything" and click that or you can just go to the persons url and type /... Read More »

Tumblr account help please?

If you had an additional Group Blog that other users were a part of, it will still remain there and you will be removed from it.If you are talking about Google still pulling up your old blog, Googl... Read More »


I don't know your blog html so try to edit html, press ctrl + f and type in "http://[insert blog name here]" and replace that with "http://[insert blog name here]".