How do you get the smell of butt...?

Answer Lysol "crisp linen" several light coats allowed to dry inbetween should do the trick and leave it smelling fresh...oh, and while you are at the grocery store in the cleaning aisle getting the Lysol... Read More »

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How to get the smell of butt out of sofa?

If your sofa hasn't been professionally cleaned lately, call someone to do it for you. They have affordable cleaning packages that include other furniture as well. After having it cleaned, be caref... Read More »

How do you get that "butt" smell out of cushions and car seats?

MY FIANCE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM!! LMAO And yes, he showers daily. The steam cleaning mentioned was good, febreze is ok, but the best stuff is Renuzit (Automotive Febreze essentially) It smells the b... Read More »

My Doc recently saw my butt and now stares at me and winks. Is this cause I got a sexy butt?

No it's because he saw the skid marks and knows that you shat yourself.

How soon after getting my butt eggs fertilized will my butt baby arrive?

2 hours, and, considering you asked this question 2 hours ago, I'll assume you're giving birth right now! Yay!