How do you get the saints row headphones working?

Answer I don't know why don't you tell ME!

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Headphones not working and NEW!?

if they work in your laptop, then they are fine. there is probably a problem with your phones headphone jack. you coukd take it somewhere for repair. also your phones headphone jack could be the wr... Read More »

Headphones not working in ubuntu?

prior to the just released 4th generation iPod touch, there was no built in mic so anyone wanting to use voip phone apps and audio recording/editing apps were unable. the iPhone never needed one an... Read More »

How do you fix a headphones is only one is working?

Oh, no! Usually, the cause of one side working is that the wire cord has broken on the inside from either being jerked on, or from a lot of bending back and forth. In the case of lower-price headp... Read More »

How do you get both headphones working?

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