How do you get the pictures from your camera to your laptop?

Answer You can use either the SD card in the digital camera, or if you camera came with one, use a cord. Just insert either into your laptop and it should come up with a window.

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How do you upload pictures from a camera to a laptop?

The camera has to have a memory card. If your laptop is somewhat new, it has a slot to pop in memory cards. If you don't have a memory card slot on your laptop or the memory card won't fit in it, g... Read More »

I bought a used laptop computer, i want to use DVD and download video pictures from my camera;how possible?

You have to buy a video capture divice USB in any computer store or electronics sales and then you connect it to the usb port on your computer then in the divice you connect the 3 cables: yellow , ... Read More »

If i bought a camera would i need to buy additional cables so i can send pictures to my laptop?

It depends on the type of computer you have and the type of camera you're getting. If the camera's used, make sure it comes with the cord. If not then they usually use a standard USB cord (Pretty c... Read More »

Is it possible to transfer a few pictures from digital Canon camera to my cell phone a basic phone without camera and later use these pictures as wallpaper?

It takes 11 years 2 months 1 day 19 hours 9 minutes 2 seconds 5 milliseconds