How do you get the pickaxe in Minecraft?

Answer First, you punch a tree. Take the wood and craft it. You will need 9 planks (3 logs).Then, make a crafting bench. Four wooden planks in a 2x2 box. Place that crafting bench down then right click it... Read More »

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Minecraft pickaxe print out?

Well, I suppose it really depends what software your using and what size you want the print out to be? Unless you can place the pix axe spread out over 4 A4 pages, with the pic axe handle running d... Read More »

How do I log into minecraft?

its the server most likely, most admins who run server limit what people who just joined can do. Talk to them and ask for rights.

Will i be able to run minecraft without lag?

Nope, it would lag too much. You need at least a low end dedicated card to run it properly.

Should I buy Minecraft?

YES! :) its soo much fun. Although the demo should run the same as the full game so you PC might be a little slow. The controls are very easy too, you shouldn't have a problem picking them up at all.