How old were you when you got MUMPS?

Answer I had it twice aged 9 and 36The first time it caused me to spit a custard cream half way across the room and the second it made me miss a party.

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Can mumps cause sterility?

On One Hand: Mumps Can Affect Male FertilityA male who develops mumps, a viral infection affecting mainly the salivary glands, may have a complication known as orchitis, or swelling of the testicle... Read More »

How to Treat the Mumps?

Mumps is a viral disease of the salivary glands that's highly contagious and usually prevented by immunization. In situations when you're unprotected by the mumps vaccine, you can become infected v... Read More »

How to Prevent Mumps?

The MMR or MMRV vaccine is the best way to prevent mumps.Mumps is caused by the mumps virus, normally spread through saliva. It may infect many parts of the body, particularly the salivary glands. ... Read More »

How is mumps transferred?

mumps is a viral infection caused by paramyxoviridae family . it spreads from person to person via respiratory secretion and droplets such as saliva or when person sneeze.