How do you get the key file when you have the bin& cue?

Answer In a world where downloadable content is increasingly prominent, it pays to know your way around the most common file types. Extracting files from larger and often "bundled" file types such as .bi... Read More »

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I have photos in my file. When I want to send a photo by email to friend when received they are on the large s?

use will send an email to your friend with a link to download the photos at the full size

When do you have to file if you owe no taxes?

If you do not owe the government any taxes, but need to take advantage of a tax credit or obtain a refund, you must file your taxes before April 15. However, if the government owes you money, it is... Read More »

When do you have to file your taxes by?

You must file your taxes by April 15 to avoid late penalties, according to MSN Money Central. You have until October 15 if the IRS grants you an extension. Also, the self-employed need to pay taxes... Read More »

When does a C corporation have to file a return?

A corporation must file a tax return by the end of its tax year. The end of the tax year is generally December 31, known as a calendar year, but some corporations elect different tax years. When ... Read More »