How do you get the baby to sleep on baby borrowers game?

Answer Pick up the baby by clicking on her and selecting "hold in arms."Take the baby into the kitchen and open the fridge. Select a bottle of formula and click on the baby to feed it to her. Take the bab... Read More »

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What is the ABC The Baby Borrowers theme song?

Is it ok to give Melatonin to a 18 month old baby to help the baby sleep?

There will be no short term side affects to this, but long term you will mess up your child's ability to properly produce melatonin. Melatonin is produced by our brains, and when you supplement it ... Read More »

Baby names and baby name game?

my name is Sarah Anne Hughes1. his name is James Andrew LeClair 2. our colour scheme is pink and white, we honeymooned in Las Vegas… Photography3. http:... Read More »

What is the TV episode where any women who has a baby the baby ends up with deformities and shortly dies afterwards and the world is threatened with extinction until one couple has a successful baby?