How do you get the android caribou app that unlocks card keys?

Answer Go to your messages press your the 1st button on the left, you should see compose, multiselect, search, and settings. Press settings and you sholud get various options but just check mark signature... Read More »

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How do you download apps to your sd card if you have an android phone running v 2.1 and your internal memory is full but you have tons of space on your sd card?

If I understood you correctly, downloading apps to sdcard is by default on android phones that have sdcard... Did I get you right?

Hotel Keys and Credit Card Information?

In 2003, acting on information she misunderstood, Detective Sergeant Kathryn Jorge of the Pasadena California Police Department sent out a warning about hotels potentially storing customer credit c... Read More »

I Dropped My Laptop & Now the Network Card and Some Keyboard Keys Won't Work?

Laptop computers are far more delicate than we'd like to know. Few laptops will escape unscathed from a drop of more than 30 inches. What to do about the problem, when a laptop drops, depends on y... Read More »

Information in Credit Card-Type Hotel Room Keys?

Not all plastic hotel key cards act like credit cards, but a few types do. Some features of card entry allow hotel guests to bill their room when swiping the card to pay for a hotel service or purc... Read More »