How to Get Super Glue Off Hands?

Answer The Super Glue brand of glue is strong and fast-bonding, which means if you get it on your skin, it can be difficult to remove. It's also easy to glue two fingers together accidentally as you're wo... Read More »

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How to Get Super Glue off of Your Hands with Salt?

Many people get super glue on their hands, and wait days for it to come off, but that is not a good idea! Even the warnings say not to on some brands! Here's how to do get rid of the super glue tha... Read More »

How to Remove Super Glue From Hands?

Super Glue is a popular bonding agent known for its ability to hold together many different materials. It dries very quickly and is long-lasting. While these qualities are a definite plus when rep... Read More »

If the rear bumper of your car is detached a little bit is there any kind of glue or Super Glue which will work to hold it on?

HI bryce and everyone else this is so funAnywhere you can buy superglue you can buy an epoxy puddy called J-B weld. If you properly follow the instructions and are careful it should work.

How do glue a fake lip stud on without using super glue?

You can buy fake percing glue but u can only buy that at a body piercing shop