How do you get song from your iTunes playlist to the iPod?

Answer plug in your iPod. Then check the manually manage music on your iPod Summary Tab. Then apply. Next, click and drag the playlist onto the iPod. If you only want to put the song on your iPod, then dr... Read More »

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How to Transfer Songs From an iPod to an iTunes Playlist?

The iPod is a portable media player designed and created by Apple. If you want to transfer songs from your iPod into the iTunes application, you can do so by accessing the hidden folders on the iPo... Read More »

How can you upload your ipod playlist back to iTunes?

Use a program called TouchCopy. It can be downloaded for free, just google it.AnswerIt can also be done this way;Connect your ipod to the computer and you will immediately get an alert come up on t... Read More »

I deleted my "recently added" playlist from Itunes and my Ipod. Can I get it back?

ignore the other answers, those are not true.well, you can make another one... by pressing the + button @ the bottom then pressing shift, then click on the button that used to be a +, which will no... Read More »

Dragging Ipod Songs From Computer Library To Itunes Playlist?

I ran into the same problem once, mostly I found that if you just fiddle with it for a while, it'll work. Make sure you're dropping the music into the right library, or it might go a little wacky o... Read More »