Can someone die of like just pure pain or something like without any bleeding or uh stuff like that?

Answer pain can cause heart attack

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The guy you like really like someone else how do you get pass emontional hurt?

This is always difficult. Give your self time. try some type of grief ceremony, where you can symbolically let him go. Talk to your friends about this and see what they have to say. You have choice... Read More »

What if you like someone but they don't like you?

Is it possible for someone who like me, British, not like tea?

course it's okay. We all have verying likes and dislikes. it doesn't mean you are odd for not liking it hot.Think it's because we are known as a nation liking tea that's hot that's all.trends are c... Read More »

Can someone please let me know of any good headphones with as much bass as you can get for 20.00-30.00 And i don't like ear buds My favorite are the ones that go over year kind of like dj style And i?

SonySony....REALLY??? Is that the best you could do??? There are numerous earbuds but you need to ask youself what you are willing to spend. You can get them upwards of $400 but you can also get de... Read More »