How do you get sole custody if one parent is non active in the child's life?

Answer Answer File a petition to have the current custodial order amended to sole custody or file a new petition for sole custodial rights.Please be advised that judges are very reluctant to grant sole c... Read More »

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Can a parent get sole custody even if the court ordered joint custody if the non-custodial parent hasn't been in the kids' lives for 5 years?

You would have to go back to court. Have your attorney file for a modification of custody order. Your ex would be notified through his attorney and would have to answer your allegation.

Can a parent with sole custody move out of state if the other parent doesn't visit?

Answer depends on the paperwork if you have any. i have sole custody but i still need to track down the non-custodial parent for permission to move more then 150 miles away.

If a parent with sole custody wants to move to another province do they have to get permission from a judge or give a 30-day notice to the other parent?

Answer If you were given sole custody of your child by a court of law, then that's what it means "sole custody" and the father has no rights, so you are free to move where you want and when you wa... Read More »

Can a parent with sole custody move out of the country without the consent of the other parent?

AnswerIn most cases, yes.The parent with sole custody must however inform the court that issued the custodial order and the non custodial parent before the move.The non custodial parent will be giv... Read More »