What is the coarse of action for someone with shin splints in the military I Have had shins splints basically for a year now every time I run. What can happen if I can no longer meet the running?

Answer If you have been diagnosed with shin splints by a service physician, you should be under profile prohibition of running. If you remain on profile for a significant amount of time, you could be revi... Read More »

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What causes shin splints?

The pain is caused by damage to the Sharpey's Fibers.

Shin splints?

shin splint is when your muscle in your leg seperates from your shin bone. its caused my running on hard surfaces without good shoes. the POUND POUND POUND that your legs do when you're running mak... Read More »

What to do about shin splints?

I hate to break it too you, but shin splints don't heal. You probably already know this, but shin splints are little cracks in your actual bone that fills up with calcium. I was in the Army from ... Read More »

What to do for shin splints?

Rest is the most important treatment for shin splints. You need to rest from whatever activity that is causing them. Your shin splints will not get better if you continue to aggravate them. You ... Read More »