How do you get sharpie off your skin!!?

Answer That sucks...just get some hot water and keep on will soon go away

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How to Remove Sharpie Ink from Skin?

It isn't that hard, just follow these tips!

Is Ink (Pen, Marker, Sharpie) Harmful to Your Skin?

In general, occasionally writing on skin with water-based inks is considered non-hazardous. Concern arises when people write on their skin frequently with permanent ink, or with inks that have cert... Read More »

What's a sure fire way to get Sharpie Marker off your skin?

You work in proctology. You are expected to have big vadges and beani on your face.

Is Sharpie permanent marker safe to use on skin?

According to Sanford Brands, the manufacturer of Sharpie brand markers, Sharpie markers are considered to be safe under normal usage when they come in contact with the skin. Personal protective de... Read More »