How do you get ride of that fishy odor coming out of your vagina?

Answer I suggest a fishing line and some bait.

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Why is there a fishy smell comin from my vagina?

I suggest you drink more water. Your vagina needs to cleanse itself, and I would imagine you are getting a little bit of an odor because you aren't drinking enough fluids, or good fluids like water... Read More »

Why does my vagina smell fishy! it's ruining my sex life?

Wow...some of these answers are horrible. A fishy smell could be a couple of things which can be anything from a simple infection to a STD. A "fishy" smell, which is usually worse after sex, is a t... Read More »

If I get a vagina will I still be able to ride my motorcycle?

Not only can you ride with a vagina, you can use your new vagina to store your extra gum, so your pockets are free to hold all those guys phone numbers that will be after you!!

Blood coming from my vagina?

okay you just got your period. im 15 too. you dont have to go to the doctor. just get someone to go to the grocery or drug store and buy you some pads or tampons to keep the blood off your clothes.... Read More »