How do you get rid scratches on your ipod?

Answer the back part on most ipods usually get scratched the most if u dont use a cover and most of them are metallic except the new nano and shuffle so if u want the back metallic section shiny again u h... Read More »

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How do you get scratches on an iPod?

I have a Touch, and the chrome back on mine already looks like some sort of new modern art. :P All sorts of things can create fine scratches. Accidentally hitting it against your watch, brushing it... Read More »

My iPod scratches through the case?

I've noticed this with phones and it happens when dirt, dust or whatever makes its way in ur case. Idk but I guess the small movement it does make in the case gets scratched by these.

How do you remove scratches from IPod?

AnswerVery easily. Get some iKlear, or anything aqua-based and clean the back and front of your ipod. Now find a clean area to do the following steps. Get a can of brasso - $4 at any hardware store... Read More »

How do I buff out scratches on an iPod?

Purchase Displex polish online or from a local retailer. Apply a small amount of Displex to your iPod's display. Use a clean cotton cloth to apply heavy pressure to the display for approximately t... Read More »