How do you get rid of worms on indoor plants?

Answer Either re-plant the plant in a different pot and skim threw the soil or buy worming tablets!!!!

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Why do indoor cats get worms?

While indoor cats typically do not get worms as frequently as outdoor cats, there are some varieties of parasites that do affect indoor pets. Even if your cats stay indoors, it's good to keep an ey... Read More »

How do I add worms to an indoor garden?

PreparationPrepare your largest planter with the greatest potential soil volume for the introduction of compost worms. Use worms such as Eisenia fetida, which are well adapted to living in relative... Read More »

How prevalent are heart worms in indoor cats?

Heart worms are caused by mosquito bites. Outdoor cats build an immunity to mosquito bites that indoor cats don't have the luxury of creating, placing them at a higher risk for heart worms.Source:c... Read More »

What are these tiny worms in your indoor palm tree soil?

Probably fungus gnat larva. They wiggle around on the surface of the soil when you water it and are smaller than 1cm.