How do you get rid of white egrets or other birds roosting in your trees?

Answer If birds seek the shelter of trees surrounding your home, bird droppings can become a nuisance. Furthermore, if the trees bear fruit, the birds may pluck all the fruit and harm the tree. Fortunatel... Read More »

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How to Prevent Birds From Roosting on Perches?

Many birds add delightful song to your backyard area, but others are just a nuisance for the home owner. The droppings, risk of disease, damage and commotion birds cause can try the patience of eve... Read More »

Do birds eat other baby birds?

Birds of prey are carnivorous and their diets might include baby birds of other species. Birds of prey mostly hunt and kill using their talons and consume reptiles, insects, fish, birds, mammals, m... Read More »

Will Crabapple Trees Pollinate Other Fruit Trees?

A member of the genus Malus and a close relative of the apple, the crabapple is often used as an ornamental landscape tree. Although not useful for pollinating nonapple species such as peaches or p... Read More »

Are magnolia trees poisonous to birds?

Magnolia trees are not a known poisonous tree to birds of any kind, but the jury is still out. Since no birds have been observed eating from a magnolia, they are not considered safe at this time, e... Read More »