How do you get rid of under arm hair?

Answer It is much easier to burn it off with a butane lighter.

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How to Dye Hair Bright Red Under Black Hair?

Two-toned hair in black and red can be dark, sexy, and alluring - if done correctly. The process, once broken down into simple steps, is quite simple, and can be attempted by even a beginner.

Should i get ombre hair, or blonde tips, or should i bleach the bottom under layer of my hair?

This is just my opinion:Curly/wavy hairBottom Layer: 4/10Tips: 5/10Ombre: 10/10Straight hairBottom layer: 5/10Tips: 10/10Ombre: 4/10Hope this helps!

How to Tie Hair Up Under a Wig?

Wigs have been worn by women--and men--since artificial hair was first invented, and for as many reasons as there are hair colors. Reasons include to look better, to hide bad hair, to convey author... Read More »

How to Care for Hair Under a Wig?

Maybe you wear a wig because of sudden or gradual hair loss, for religious reasons or because you simply want a new look. Wearing a wig doesn't mean neglecting your real hair, which needs at least ... Read More »