How do you get rid of the white background when you scan a picture?

Answer Just crop the background out using any free photo editing program like Picasa or

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When you scan a picture where does it go and how can you print a coy?

When you scan a picture.....your hardware has a device driver...which reads it pixel by pixel ( small dot usually like 640X 480 r 1028X768)////and puts it in a buffer ( temporary area in memorY)...... Read More »

When we scan, picture transfer to laptop do the printer use ink ?

NO. it is sent by a digital signal to the computer. That's what the scanner does it converts your picture to a digital signal and the sends it to the computer electronically.

When you scan a picture and you save it to your desktop, How do you crop it and send it out to people?

you can use picasa software to crop pics. download it from its free.

I dont have a scanner n wud like to scan small picture n make them big. what scan can i buy?

u can dfntly go for a hp scanner.. or u can go for a hp all in one.. so dat u can print scan all at the same time! n u can trst a hp tech on ths! as m one!