How do you get rid of the morning pains of getting old?

Answer consult your local naughty nurse for tips on how to stay young....i recommend stripper poles and yoga....for you darling....not your wife!

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I keep getting sharp shooting pains in my hand its like getting an electric shot any ideas please?

You have a nerve trapped or damaged somewhere between the neck and the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist can cause this. Most people have more of a steady pain, but shooting pains instead ... Read More »

You are 37 weeks pregnant and getting sharp pains in your pelvic area that makes you double up in pain especially when you walk it is getting worse daily is this contractions?

Answer AnswerI was at my gynocologist and he said it can only be ligament pains, but it is really bad and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this.Oh boy, I bet half the women you know ha... Read More »

I had little tiny pains in my heart this morning, what can that be?

Please get it checked out medically, because chest pain is sometimes a symptom of something serious.If they say it's "nothing", you lose nothing here in Canada, because we have universal health car... Read More »

My girlfriend is getting pains?

Gonna state the most obvious one. Go to a doctor. Something has gone wrong and it needs looked at. More so when It's your internals.