How do you get rid of the flashing pop up ads ?

Answer You could Adblocker as suggested, but this can reduce your Internet performance.Try this (Windows 7):Control Panel (Small Icons view) > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Check the Pop-Up Blocker box... Read More »

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ATT broadband flashing red?

The gateway is what the device is with the flashing red broadband light.Is this a new service or has it been running fine until now?Try powering off your gateway and this should resolve your proble... Read More »

Flashing in my right eye?

Flashes are generally one of these: Vitreous floaters Ocular Migraine Retinal DetachmentVitreous floaters are common: there's a jelly like substance inside the eye called vit... Read More »

Why is my shisha pen flashing?

It's about to finish.. It only lasts 500 puffs

Is flashing required on roofs?

When building the roof of a house, flashing is not required. However, it is a highly recommended that you use the proper flashing materials and installation to ensure that your roof does not have l... Read More »