How do you get rid of the flashing pop up ads ?

Answer You could Adblocker as suggested, but this can reduce your Internet performance.Try this (Windows 7):Control Panel (Small Icons view) > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Check the Pop-Up Blocker box... Read More »

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Flashing in my right eye?

Flashes are generally one of these: Vitreous floaters Ocular Migraine Retinal DetachmentVitreous floaters are common: there's a jelly like substance inside the eye called vit... Read More »

Why is my shisha pen flashing?

It's about to finish.. It only lasts 500 puffs

What is a roof flashing?

Roof flashing is a thin sheet of metal or membrane. Some areas of roofs are susceptible to leaks even if the shingles are properly installed. Flashing needs to be applied in these areas to stop wat... Read More »

ATT broadband flashing red?

The gateway is what the device is with the flashing red broadband light.Is this a new service or has it been running fine until now?Try powering off your gateway and this should resolve your proble... Read More »