How do I get rid of stretchmarks?

Answer Some stretchmarks never go But a lot fade given age and moisturiserI had these after pregnancy I used Bio Oil Mine did fade and go away eventuallyExercise helps it tones up the muscle under the skin

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How can I get rid of/ hide stretchmarks?

Rosehip oilBio oilVitamin ELaser treatment if needed

How to Prevent Stretchmarks?

Stretchmarks can occur on your body when your skin stretches, usually during pregnancy, but also during weight gain or if you have a condition such as Cushing's disease. Preventing stretchmarks ca... Read More »

I want to remove my stretchmarks.?

I have stretch marks too&i know how you feel, you can't really make stretch marks go away completely, unless you wanted to use surgery&remove parts of your skin? But if you use bio oil it will help... Read More »

Can you get a tattoo over stretchmarks?

As a matter of hiding stretch marks, people often decide to get tattoos. This is an option that is not for everyone but can be done. For raised stretch marks, tattoos don't always cover them up. It... Read More »