How do you get rid of sore legs?

Answer You can soak them in some works for me... :-)

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Why are my legs sore?

You should have started with shorter walks til you get back in shape again. A nice soak in the tub after wouldn't hurt either.

Red sore bump in between legs?

Maybe an bug bite or ant is possible. Get some alcohol on it as disinfection and later some healing cream and if it don't get better she might visit her doctor to get it checked there..

My legs are so sore I can barely walk... what should I do?

Yes you should walk it off, maybe about a mile at the most to get the lactic acid out of your legs. Lactic acid, or broken muscle matter, causes the soreness. You need to ice your legs, and you mig... Read More »

Omg my legs are sore!!! they hurt soooo bad! help?

Take a warm bath not shower then lay down you will be sore in the morning but that's good because it's exercise