How do you get rid of scammers on the phone?

Answer Are they the ones that pretend to be Microsoft and want to scan your PC? Tell them you run Linux operating system, they hang up straight away and don't call back.

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What do i do about computer phone scammers?

As above, they directed your mother to an internet page and gave her instructions to follow that allowed them remote access and I have heard about them wiping files when people do not pay them. You... Read More »

How do scammers fake a phone number for caller ID?

they use a caller ID spoofing can get it for only 10 dollars...and change your voice too.....usually those kinda phone calls are only to call out not in!! I hate those shysters!!try usi... Read More »

How to Report Craigslist Scammers?

Internet-based classified and forums are a great place to find your next job or star employee, sell of unwanted clutter or score a great deal. However, sites that include the extremely popular Crai... Read More »

How to Beat Scammers in Their Own Game in RuneScape?

Scammers are never fun to deal with. In RuneScape, scamming could mean a variety of things. This guide tells you how to show those scammers that they're not harming you- and get them back.