How do you get rid of rotten orange smell in your refrigerator?

Answer Fire

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Why do i smell like rotten bananas?

no offence to anything but that is a inapporiate question. This is also known as a rhetorical question. That means that you would ask a silly question then i would not answer it

What will take the rotten smell out of a freezer?

Fill a bowl with Bicarbonate of soda and leave it in there. It is great for absorbing smells. Answer Thoroughly clean the freezer and rinse, using baking soda and water. Then leave a bowl of coffee... Read More »

Rotten wood smell?

I have installed a new wood floor and the house now smells like rotted wood what is that caused by?

How do you get rid of the rotten potato smell from Tupperware?

Grab old newspaper and fill the container with wadded up newspaper and place the lid on top.Let the container sit for a day and overnight. The newspaper absorbs the odor.Remove the old newspaper an... Read More »