How do you get rid of razer burn?

Answer use hydrocortizone

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Razer Megalodon VS Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I suggest the SWTOR, u may get cheap SWTOR here… Share you this 6% discount coupon code: ALLCDKEY99016 on your All Games purchase!

How can i get rid of razer bumps fast?

Treat razor burn with aloe vera gel which reduces swelling, soothes irritation, and forms a barrier which protects the skin from infection and promotes healing. An over the counter cortisone cream... Read More »

Get a razer blade or a desktop?

Build a desktop. You should probably get some help though. However, this method is much more worth it and it's better.

Razer Electra's VS Sennheiser HD201!!?

I would go with the electras, I have them and if I wear them even without music I can't hear a thing, and have amazing BASS