How do you get rid of possums under the house?

Answer call animal control in your local city and they will take care of this problem for you don't handle it yourself leave it to a professional.

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Do possums come out during the day?

Not usually.They are nocturnal creatures and sleep during daylight hours.If you were to shake the tree they are nesting in they would most likely come out

How Do I Get Rid Of A Family Of Possums?

Found a really good article that starts out "Opossums can become serious nuisance animals in both urban and rural environments. These marsupials carry a variety of diseases -- leptospirosis, tuberc... Read More »

How do I get rid of possums& squirrels?

Move the Bird FeedersMove or get rid of any bird feeders that are close to your house. The feeders provide food for the squirrels and possums. Make sure your garbage cans have tight lids to preven... Read More »

Can possums have rabies?

Opossums, which some people call possums, are mammals, and any mammal may contract rabies. But the opossum, a mostly nocturnal creature, rarely gets rabies. One theory is that the animal's extremel... Read More »