How do you get rid of maggots in your compost bin?

Answer I love it when I get maggots in my compost bin because they speed the decomposition of the organic materials. Its important however to move the bin far enough away from the house that there are no ... Read More »

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How to Compost Maggots?

While there is quite a lot of debate about whether maggots in your compost are a good thing (some say it's an indicator of an improperly constructed compost heap), specific types of maggots have ce... Read More »

Should you have maggots in your compost pile?

Maggots are fine. They assist with breaking down the particles.

How do I eliminate maggots in compost bins?

RemovalFluff your compost with a manure fork, tossing and scooping the organic waste to aerate it and expose maggots present in the waste. Pick off any maggots that you see in the compost, putting ... Read More »

How to Transport Compost Materials from Your Kitchen to Your Compost Bin?

It is great to compost but what do you do about getting your compost ingredients from the kitchen to the bin? If your bin is outdoors, it can be a de-motivating factor if the scraps for composting ... Read More »