How do you get rid of hickeys!!!!!?

Answer Try covering it with concealer or foundation, wearing your hair down, or using a collared shirt if you need to hid it immediately.Meanwhile, there are plenty of tricks to help speed up the healing ... Read More »

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Can hickeys really cause cancer?

How to get rid of hickeys fast !?

I had the same question a couple months ago. People told me to put ice on it as soon as it happens, keep it on for like ten minutes it will stop the flow of blood into the area of the hickey so it ... Read More »

How to Cover Hickeys?

While necking with your sweetheart may be a fun and harmless activity, blemishes known as hickeys can cause embarrassment, especially when we think of anyone seeing them. They make the neck look br... Read More »

The Best Ways to Cover Hickeys?

While hickeys are commonly referred to as "love bites," they are bruises left on your body by someone who has sucked on your skin with a little too much pressure. Hickeys are usually found on necks... Read More »