How do you get rid of gout weed in the garden?

Answer dunno sorry

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Can you weed in the garden without saying the name of each weed as you pull it up?

Hi Jac The Hat,I'm afraid my knowledge of Botany is very poor... I still don't understandhow to tell the difference between the plants and weeds ?If it has a flower it stays!Good Luck.Best Wishes.M... Read More »

How to i get rid of Bishops Weed in a garden?

I like the stuff but it does get out of control.If you just want to get rid of it, Roundup and 2-4-D do a good job.But controlling it is a challenge, a little like mint. I use two methods, one is d... Read More »

Garden Weed Identification?

If you garden, odds are you have stumbled upon a few weeds sneaking up, trying their best to infiltrate the landscape you have created. Knowing what types of weeds you have will help you determine ... Read More »

Can weed and feed be used in a vegetable garden?

I wouldn't be using it in a vegetable garden. Usually these products are formulated to feed lawns, which have entirely different nutritional needs to vegetables. Also the products are toxic to broa... Read More »