How do you get rid of doubles on your play list on the ipad2?

Answer You can't find it using the serial number, unless you use it to identify it in found items. Find My iPad and iPhone apps will show you on a map where the iPad is if it turned on and has not yet bee... Read More »

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How to Play 7 11 Doubles?

7-11 doubles is a drinking game that can consist of 2-8 players. You can really have as many as you want but when you get to many its crowded. The object of the game is to roll a 7, 11, or a double... Read More »

How to Play Doubles Tennis?

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How to Play Doubles (Dice)?

This is a dice game that you can play by yourself or with a friend in just a few minutes.

Can you play pkr poker on your ipad2?

Yes download an app calles " iteleport " or " always on pc "