How do you get rid of diachondra in your lawn?

Answer Dichondra is a very hardy ground cover used in landscaping. It's difficult to start and maintain. Where grass was hard to grow in the south west in the 50's and 60's it was used as lawn "grass" Yo... Read More »

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Do you have lawn service or do your own lawn?

I have never paid someone else to do my lawn and garden chores. Seems we all neglect to get enough exercise in our daily routines. What better thing is there to do than work around the house and ... Read More »

Can you combine weed killer and lawn insect killer and apply both to your lawn?

Answer You can, but you might want to check with a garden store before you do because you can cause problems by mixing certain chemicals. They might have something already made for that purpose."A... Read More »

Does mowing your lawn frequently make your grass softer?

cutting grass more frequently may not make it softer but will make it thicker which would probably make it feel softer. rule of thumb is never remove more then 1/3 of the blade when mowing. if you ... Read More »

Council estate people .. why do you feel it necessary to put your old sofas and fridges on your front lawn?

We leave the sofa so fat b******* like you have somewhere to sit when they are crawling past, and a couple of pies in the fridge in case you can't wait till you get home.