How do you get rid of crawdads in your yard?

Answer Rock salt

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Is watering your yard at night good or bad and what is the best time to water your yard?

It's best to water early enough so that the water can soak in the ground before it gets too hot . Don't water at night because that can cause fungus to grow on your grass."Water early in the mornin... Read More »

How to Feed Crawdads?

Crawdads, also known as crayfish, crawfish or freshwater lobsters, adapt well in captivity if you provide adequate water and appropriate foods. Since they are omnivorous scavengers, you can offer a... Read More »

Where can I get live crawdads in San Diego. To cook not to fish with?……

Spiritually wondering What is your average height of your grass in your yard?

For cold seasons,2 1/2" is a good average.In the warmer seasons,you want to keep your lawn a bit longer (3" or so) to inhibit crabgrass and other undesirables.When you mow, you should only be cutti... Read More »