How do you get rid of crawdads in your yard?

Answer Rock salt

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How to Feed Crawdads?

Crawdads, also known as crayfish, crawfish or freshwater lobsters, adapt well in captivity if you provide adequate water and appropriate foods. Since they are omnivorous scavengers, you can offer a... Read More »

Where can I get live crawdads in San Diego. To cook not to fish with?……

What is the name of the episode of the Beverly Hillbillies where Granny takes hippies to the river to smoke crawdads?

Robin Hood and the Sheriff Episode Number: 173 Season Num: 6 First Aired: October 4, 1967

Neighboring cats constantly spray in my yard, what should I do My whole yard reaks of cat pee!?

There are a lot of holistic approaches, from sprinkling orange rinds to placing foil on the ground where they keep going.what works best without a dog, but is def time consuming, will also give you... Read More »